Black Squirrels

Black Squirrel Facts, Fiction, Lore Squirrels seem to be everywhere…in yards, parks, city streets, woods and fields everywhere. They are a familiar, often beloved figure in almost all rural, suburban and urban areas. Black squirrels, although previously rather rare and unusual, seem to be more and more prevalent throughout the United States. There are a …

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Squirrel Identification Resources

What Kind of Squirrel is That? Noticed a squirrel in your yard, or driving through your neighborhood, that you haven’t seen before? Different look, or color? How many types of squirrels are there anyway? Our squirrel identification resources list can help you identify the little buggers. There are more than 200 species across the world, …

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Why Remove Squirrels?

Squirrels seem pretty harmless…so why remove squirrels from your home, garage or office? is a website that I created as a way to figure out what to do with too many squirrels around my house.  I started writing about it to learn more about them and resolve the problem(s) in one way or the other …

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