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Find squirrel repellents & solutions that work
Trying to find squirrel repellents that work can be…um…challenging! There are as many products for  every homeowner as there are types of squirrels, whether you live in the country, in the suburbs, or in the heart of an urban setting.  If you need to get rid of groundhogs, moles or chipmunks, there are solutions for those as well. These products may work, but all have particular applications and some limitations depending upon your situation.  Beware of the obsession – getting rid of squirrels can become a relentless fixation…

  • Squirrel traps: One of the few solutions that really can work.  There are several brands of live traps for squirrels that are inexpensive and humane, such as Havahart. The drawback: relocating them once you catch them! You’ll find yourself fighting those little twinges of guilt when you open the trap and set them free in a nearby neighborhood. Another drawback? It’s a lot of work, and squirrel families can be pretty large…it can become a full-time hobby.
  • Repellents: For squirrels to take notice, these have to be pretty heavy-duty! Chili powder mixed with birdseed in your feeder works some of the time, but it seems as though some squirrels like chili!  Other organic powders and  spray repellents can work, as well, depending upon how large an area you have to treat.
  • Sonic Pest Repellents: These emit sound waves that are stressful for animals and which they try to avoid. Works well, but they are finicky…the sound doesn’t go through walls or trees, or around corners.

Pest or Rodent Removal Experts: Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals. If you have squirrels making a home in your attic or basement, it’s best to call your neighborhood pest or rodent removal company. It’s you or them…

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